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Cisco Characterization using PrimeLib on Synopsys Cloud for TSMC Advanced Node Libraries

Synopsys / Cisco
Synopsys has been a pioneer of EDA on Cloud. Cisco’s library characterization effort was an excellent integration of 4 different technologies – TSMC advanced node process, Synopsys’ best-in-class library characterization product PrimeLib, Synopsys Cloud SaaS solution and Cisco’s design. From basic NLDM/NLPM to more complex current views of CCST/CCSN and variation LVF format – the characterization flow encompassed all industry standard models – exercised over std cell, level shifters, multi-bit flops and others. After Cisco and Synopsys jointly completed the migration to PrimeLib, a variety of tool optimizations were enabled to get a 10X improvement in runtime compared to original baseline run without comprising any arcs in the Liberty model. Optimized and validated characterization setups were then launched on Synopsys Cloud SaaS environment. Within a week, jobs were scaled to a large number of cores with a peak utilization of 1200 cpu’s. Synopsys Cloud offered unlimited access to PrimeLib licenses within a single contract for compute and EDA tools. With PrimeLib’s scalability and efficient job scheduling and Synopsys Cloud accelerated time to market commitment with 5X more compute - Cisco’s char was completed on a time critical deadline of 3 months

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