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Synopsys SLM PVT Monitor IP readiness on TSMC N3E/N3P/N3AE

This presentation outlines the benefits of Synopsys SLM PVT Monitor IP on TSMC’s N3 Process for monolithic SoCs and multi-die systems.

Monitor IP can be used for a wide range of purposes, from real-time thermal mapping to energy/power optimization and silicon assessments for performance enhancements. The IP is also certified by the TSMC9000 program, which defines a set of minimum IP quality assessments for members of the TSMC IP Alliance Program, a key part of the TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP). With the successful tape-out on the N3E process, and upcoming availability for IP on automotive process nodes, Synopsys has readied a certified PVT IP ecosystem for TSMC’s customers. Synopsys has plans for developing automotive-grade PVT IP (AECQ-100 Grade 2, ISO26262 ASIL B), to meet the strong market demand.

PVT monitoring is a major component of Synopsys’ Silicon Lifecycle Management (SLM). Monitors are practically indispensable in today’s highly complex SoC designs. Using embedded PVT monitors provides the ability to manage temperature and device aging related effects across SoCs, as the data collected from them can be analyzed to employ mitigation strategies such as DVFS/AFVS to optimize performance while increasing SoC reliability. Heterogeneous integration of dies in multi-die systems has put the spotlight on how interconnected chips can be—and why it’s important to ensure that, for instance, the voltage of one die won’t impact the adjacent die inside the package. Monitoring is also important for monolithic SoCs, especially at smaller processes, where monitors can flag issues such as IR-drop in the interconnects.

Synopsys SLM PVT IP portfolio includes process detector, voltage monitor, temperature sensor, distributed temperature sensor, catastrophic temperature sensor, thermal diode. This monitoring technology is available from 28nm down to 3nm. It comes with a full set of front-end and back-end deliverables to enable quick integration by the end customer.

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